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Flexible LED display


Creation changes the world

Application: shopping malls, museums, landscapes and bulletin boards etc.

  • Ultra slim and light

    Made of polycarbonate materials, the display is ultra slim and light. For instance, WN4 weighs 0.8kg/module and 9.76kg/sqm and it is only 29mm thick; Wave series is so easy to be shaped and transported that it can satisfy variety of applications.

    Creative curved displays, flexible and artistic

    The creative “WN4” displays have unique artistic beauty. The excellent design contributes to the horizontal and vertical deformed bending installation, making it possible to achieve “S”shaped, round, concave, convex and curved screen.

    Front and rear access for easy installation and maintenance

    Front and rear access are available for easy and fast installation within one minute with the maintenance tool. Pluggable power signal lines (hot-plugging available) are used to connect the modules and connect the module and the control box, thus achieving rapid maintenance and replacement of each module.

    Seamless, safe and pretty

    Our unique patented techniques ensure seamless splicing and concealed PCB as well as protect electronic parts, wires,power supplier, integrated signal lines,making the cabinet safe, pretty, and convenient to plug in and out.

    One control box can load six WN4 modules

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