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Fix installation seasonal promotion

Release time:2017-09-26

Fix installation seasonal promotion


LAMP TECH has launched a worldwide promotional program-“ Fixed installation seasonal promotion” since mid-September  with LS series and GN series products being the hot products, which are with mature technology and high quality. We have enough stock to deliver in 7-15days (standard products) and also our customers can enjoy a lower price.


The advertising campaign starts from September 18, 2017 and ends on September 30, 2017. We accept orders since September 18 and sign contracts between October 5 and October 31.

LS series

L-S series is a professional high-brightness outdoor LED display, it makes outdoor advertisement more colorful!

LS SERIES characters: There are two options of LEDs:  SMD and DIP. High brightness, high refresh rate, high grey scale, adjustable softy ware; Wide view angle, lower power consumption, reliable performance; DC fans help to release heat; separate switch, easy for maintenance.

Click the picture to see the LS detail

GN series

Multi-functional led display, amazing display effect with great noise control!

GN SERIES characters: Front serviced, high definition, High quality die-casting aluminum cabinet, Ultra high precision CNC workmanship processing precision<0.1mm, ultra slim & light, extremely wide viewing angle, easy for maintenance.

Click the picture to see the GN detail

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